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Profile: Graeme Smith

My early career, in fact my first full time job, was as a sales executive with Philip Woolfson Ltd. The role involved pioneering a new division dedicated to providing innovative satellite entertainment systems to the licensed trade. I then joined General Foods Ltd in their vending division. I had immediate success and won sales awards in my first year. Subsequently I was approached by a Sales and Management recruitment consultancy and was mentored and
trained to become a Consultant in their specialist Sales Recruitment Division. In the next seven years I worked closely with a number of prestigious clients including Boots Pharmaceuticals, Canon, Cussons, Sekonda and TCB. My exciting experience in the rapidly expanding recruitment industry was enhanced by working directly with the Founder and Senior Partner Tim Amatt. The Amatt Partnership was one of the first UK firms founded in this sector.  next

Profile: Graeme Smith

I broadened my Sales and Marketing experience working with both Management and Sales Professionals in the diverse markets my blue chip clients operated.

Later I became the highest achieving Sales Specialist with United States Surgical Corporation (Auto Suture). Over the first four years I won numerous awards for business growth and development.
I accepted a position of Sales Director for Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa in the pioneering Cardiac Division of USSC. I moved on after this hugely successful and gratifying period in my career following the acquisition of USSC by Tyco Healthcare.

As one of the three Founders and Directors I helped build The Best of Health Ltd. The business CEO was nominated for “Entrepreneur of the Year 2002”.
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Profile: Graeme Smith

This prestigious award, sponsored by Ernst and Young, The Financial Times and Citibank, was positive recognition of the business model and success we achieved over that short period of time. This led on to MedicaPro Ltd where we pioneered and promoted a unique biocide whose core molecule is manufactured by Dow Industries.

I was selected by LMA Urology Suisse SA, a manufacturer of a unique proprietary surgical device
for Urology as their International Head of Sales. Following a global expansion I expanded distribution in 64 countries from a standing start. The countries contracted and developed included China, Russia, India, Japan, Korea, Brazil, the Middle East and the entire EU. I was also the prime driver in establishing the interest of Cook Medical who subsequently agreed the global rights to distribute the device followed shortly afterwards by the acquisition of LMA Urology Suisse SA.  prev | next

Profile: Graeme Smith

My career progresses with Tenaxis Medial LLC, a manufacturer of a novel Surgical Sealant. I strengthened the sales network, grew sales by a factor of 9 in a 12-month period and initiated the contractual discussions with Le Maitre who obtained the rights for Germany.
I believe the experience summarised above will be most useful in the services we offer you. The ability to pioneer new ideas and create new markets has been the backbone of my Sales, Marketing and Business Development success. My contacts, international business experience and business network stretch globally.


Profile: Charles Reynolds

I was born in 1965 and at the age of 15 left my family and friends in Cropredy Oxfordshire for the USA to be educated at John F Kennedy High School in the Bronx, New York. It was during this time I learnt the value of money and achievement and understood the concept of trust and love. At 18 I returned to London and continued my education at Westminster College before working in a family business.

I set up my first company Advanced Monorail Systems
in 1989 which I voluntarily closed three years later and again learnt further significant lessons in the value of money and trust.

In 1992 as Sales Director of a small company I was involved in the establishment of a business and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia further providing a greater business experience and the opportunity to spend almost a year working in Malaysia

Profile: Charles Reynolds

Auto Suture a division of the United States Surgical Corporation was a truly rewarding journey that started in April of 1994 and concluded in January of 2001. It was a time of excellent high level learning processes combined with my desire to achieve. The company supported my development from Product Specialist via UK Management into European Management with accountability for the Trans Myocardial Laser Revascularisation or TMLR business for Europe Middle East and Africa.

A significant outcome of this period was the enjoyment of working with Graeme and the start of our friendship and I am honoured to now join forces with Graeme as a co founder of CoGi International

In 2001 I set up my second company CJ Medical which drew on all of my skill mix and provided greater challenges and a true enjoyment of again running my own company.
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Profile: Charles Reynolds

During the initial years I continued as a consultant to a few USA medical device manufacturing companies supporting International distribution which led to a period of working and living on the island of Jersey in the Chanel Islands from where I globally managed and grew a $30m business.

In 2007 I returned to CJ Medical and dedicated myself and my time to the company, our customers and my staff and during the same year I managed us

through the $1m revenue goal. Today I own five companies one of which is in India and enjoy working with an excellent group of hard working and fun people and last year we achieved my goal of managing the group to a $5m revenue.

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Profile: Charles Reynolds

I am also very proud to be involved with the Cornwall 100 Club which is a not-for-profit foundation promoting business and community engaged for a better Cornwall.

I enjoy a philanthropic high level role in the Cornwall 100 Club and continue to meet new friends and business acquaintances.

I am proud of all I have created and enjoy my life and all my children. Trust Love and Happiness are no longer a concept but an active ingredient in all that I do and care for.


Biography: Karen Bowden

Karen trained as a Personal Assistant and has built upon her skills and knowledge since leaving full-time education.

She manages our busy international Truro based office and is responsible for ensuring all tasks are met effectively and efficiently.

She enjoys meeting people and would describe herself as a ‘people person’, which is why this is the perfect role for her.

Her spare time is spent with her husband and three children and her hobbies include horse-riding, swimming, jewellery making and problem solving.

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CoGi International recognises that as a business it does not exist in isolation, nor is it simply a way of making money. Our employees depend on us and clients, suppliers and the local community are all affected by our business and what we do.

We have put in place a Corporate social responsibility (CSR) mandate which focuses on understanding our business' impact on the wider world and considers how we can use this impact in a positive way.

This focus has led to our involvement with the Cornwall Community Foundation and specifically the Cornwall 100 Club. Cornwall 100 Club is a select group of like-minded businesses that believe in ‘social responsibility’ at a grass roots level.

We have come together to financially support Cornish communities and local charity, making a real, positive and measurable difference within our beautiful county.

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